1 + 1 = ? - Tom

One plus one equals two, or so we’ve been taught. But finding the right partner may cause you to rethink the math. Kim and I were married last summer, and I can say with certainty that our union is more than just the two of us as individuals. 

Kim, by herself, is amazing in many ways. She is smart, funny, compassionate and beautiful. But together - this is where our joy really shines. She is my friend, my lover. My spirit lifter, my sanctuary. My fellow traveler, and my partner in crime. 

We create together and weigh each other’s ideas every day. We rev up, calm down. Laugh and wipe tears. We challenge one another to be our best, both as individuals and in tandem.

Our union has created an energy that goes beyond just two people. It binds us together, fortifies us for the bumps in life, and grows more enriching every day.

From where I sit, one plus one is clearly more than two.

Thomas Hershey