The First Six Months - Kim

It is amazing to wake up each day next to my best friend. With each embrace before we start our day I feel the physical and emotional bond between Tom and I strengthening. 

We didn’t have a traditional “honeymoon period”, we hit the ground running-dealing with house payments, job searches, and my serious shoulder injury. As a fifty year old only child I am having to adjust to taking a team approach to decision making and problem solving. It is sometimes difficult for me not to hide in  hole until I feel strong enough to plaster on a smile. The up side to facing adversity as a married couple is that I feel like no matter what happens I have someone to help me see the small victories each day and to laugh at life’s absurdity. 

I am not sure how the big issues in our life will be resolved, but I feel blessed to have a partner who really sees me and who shares my vision for as active and fulfilling a life as we can have. 


Thomas Hershey